Thanks to shortened daylight hours and snowy weather, winter is a time for staying inside, hosting parties, and staying cozy while bundled under blankets. Unlike spring, winter is not usually thought of as a time for excessive cleaning, but thanks to all those parties and nights spent hibernating, extra messes are sure to pile up. These ten essential winter cleaning hacks will help you stay on top of your cleaning game.

Clean with Mr. Clean

During the winter months, kids are less likely to spend their days outside playing, which means that there are a lot more messes indoors. Use Mr. Clean to remove scuff marks and crayon marks from walls with little effort.

Sanitize your toothbrush holder

Most people replace their toothbrush every three months or after an illness, but how often do you clean your toothbrush holder? Winter is an excellent time to sanitize your toothbrush holder to help prevent the spread of germs. Simply toss your holder in the dishwasher.

Clean your dishwasher with vinegar

Clean your dishwasher by pouring some white distilled vinegar into the dishwasher before a cycle. Not only will this clean your dishwasher but it will help your glasses sparkle.

Use baking soda to clean your oven

Between holiday pies and winter casseroles, your oven probably could use a deep cleaning. Instead of using expensive and toxic oven cleaners, use a paste of baking soda and water. Let it sit for an hour, then use a sponge to scrub away the built-up residue. Rinse with a damp sponge if needed.

Declutter the paper

It’s easy for paper to accumulate on desks and countertops, which can add to the overall messy atmosphere of a house. Take a trash bag through each room of your house and place all unwanted paper in it. Any remaining paper should be filed in a filing cabinet or scanned and filed electronically.

Use vegetable oil on shovels

To make shoveling easier, apply a layer of vegetable oil on your shovels to prevent snow from sticking and clumping up on the shovel.

Use newspaper to dry shoes

Whether you walk to the mailbox or into the supermarket, you may find yourself with wet or snowy boots. Just place newspaper into your shoes to help dry them faster.

Clean your ceiling fan

Reversing the blades of your ceiling fan can help keep warm air flowing in the room; to prevent dust from being spread, wipe your blades with a microfiber cloth first.

Use vinegar to clean your microwave

Reheating all of those winter stews may have your microwave looking like a finger paint canvas. Microwave a cup of white vinegar for two minutes to loosen the stains. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe down the interior of the microwave.

Purge old clothes, books, and toys

With all that extra time indoors, you’re sure to notice items that you haven’t used in awhile. Fill up a bag for donation, and you’ll have less clutter in no time.

Follow these tips, and your spring cleaning won’t be so arduous.

Article Source: Embassy Cleaners